Independent and product agnostic, providing a balanced view

We are experts in all aspects of solar project performance from early development to completion:

  • Project Direction and Steering
    • “whole of project” understanding and interaction of moving parts
    • driving towards successful completion with ongoing focus on immediate priorities
    • mediate to resolve any “differences” quickly and to minimise potential costly disputes
    • stakeholder engagement, communication protocols and reporting
  • Energy Performance
    • undertaking and providing 3rd party verification of performance and availability tests
    • negotiating and navigating contracts and performance guarantees
    • ensuring performance tests are practical and achievable
    • concept design & layout optimisation
    • Cost Performance
      • equipment selection and cost optimisation with focus on LCOE
      • “design-for-construct” mentality
      • efficient contracting methodologies
      • running and evaluating smart tenders
    • Construction Performance
      • ensuring best engineering practices for whole of life operation
      • monitoring of contractors
      • ensuring Practical Completion requirements are achievable and remain a key focus 
      • attend mediation sessions to help find technical / commercial resolutions to disputes
    • Risk Mitigation
      • carefully balancing technical, commercial & financial drivers
      • risk assessments and mitigation strategies
      • drawing on ours and industry’s “lessons learnt”

    Our other regular assignments include:

    • transaction advisory services
    • development support for solar farms
    • feasibility studies and project reviews
    • PVsyst modelling industry experts, energy yield calculations and generation profiles
    • running preliminary financial models
    • running Sundowners and leveraging our large industry network

    We can seamlessly integrate into your team to fill any gaps you may have…




    Some of our Clients

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